Best Credit Card

ABOUT has been created to help you make the right decision when you apply for a credit card. Because a lot of credit card companies don’t reveal the full truth about their cards and in particular what applying for the wrong card offer can do to your credit rating.

We have created this site to help ensure you don’t erode your credit rating by applying for a credit card you don’t qualify for. Each time you apply for a card and get rejected that lowers your credit score so it’s imperative that you pick one card that you’ll qualify for.

We are constantly researching credit card offers on the market today and providing you with the facts you need to know and provide you with our recommendation on which card to apply for based on various credit card categories.

You’ll also find information about other personal finance tips and advice such as identity theft prevention, debt management and budgeting.

If you’ve got any questions about what offer to apply for you can submit your questions on this credit card blog and one of our credit card experts will respond to you as soon as possible.