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American Express Credit Card Requirements

Posted on October 18th, 2011 | admin
American Express Credit Card

American Express has become an iconic name on the back of their famous reward credit cards. However AMEX also offers a range of traditional credit cards and here we will be comparing the American Express credit card requirements of the classic Zync Card and the American Express Blue Cash Preferred card. As well as contrasting the Zync Card against the famous Gold and Platinum Cards.

Applying for any American Express card is fairly easy although to pass the criteria can be problematic; however the Zync Card is the most accessible of the company’s reward cards. Applications for all AMEX cards will ask you to provide basic information to determine if you qualify, the typical and universal information that is needed is:

  • Age. It is part of the American Express credit card requirements that all applicants must be 18 years of age or over.
  • All those who are inquiring about an American Express card will need to provide a social security number (Which will also serve to prove age)
  • Proof of address and zip code.
  • Declaration of income. American Express credit card requirements do not stipulate in the small print that there is a minimum income. Although how much you earn will reflect in the outcome of your application.
  • Some cards offered by American Express demand that the applicant is a resident of the United States.

The AMEX Zync Card does not ask for proof of earnings, although it does request your net income during the application process. While income is not the most important factor it can still play a part in being awarded the Zync Card or not, and those with a low income may find they have a lower limit (Usually $500). The main requirement in obtaining an American Express Zync Card like all of the company’s cards is an excellent credit score. The Zync Card is more accessible in this aspect than its gold and platinum cousins, but it is still advised to have a good credit score (Typically over 700).

The Zync Card is a charge card which means you pay the full outstanding balance each month, and with a low annual fee of $25 it is ideal for young adults and students. The Gold and Platinum cards carry higher annual fees and are typically awarded to those who have built a sterling credit history. These cards also carry hidden income expectations. The AMEX Zync Card acts as a stepping stone to the higher range of cards, and the application process is more lenient in helping you to fulfil the American Express credit card requirements.

The Blue Cash Card acts as a more traditional credit card as the full fee does not need to be paid each month while it also offers good cash back options. On top of the same identity verifications as the Zync Card, applicants will need to have outstanding credit histories, and high credit scores. It is advised to apply for this card after maintaining a good record on a lower scale card, allowing you to boost your credit rating.


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