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Smart Cash MasterCard Canadian Credit Card

Posted on October 4th, 2010 | admin

Smart Cash MasterCard Canadian Credit Card Review

The Smart Cash MasterCard credit card from MBNA is a cash back Canadian credit card which offers competitive cash back rewards and an average to slightly higher APR. The main advantage of this cash back credit card is that you can cash out at any time you have $50.00 and there is no annual fee. This credit card also gives a pretty basic cash back system, so it’s easy to keep track of.

The main perk of this car is the cash back rewards system that it uses. You can get up to 5% on groceries and gas for the first six months of use and then up to 3% on groceries and gas afterwards. On everything else, there is a base rate of 1% cash back. Unlike many cash back cards that make you wait a year before pulling out whatever’s left after interest rates have finished mangling it, you can redeem with the Smart Cash in increments of $50.00 and whenever you want to. This makes it much easier to get your cash back, especially if you are fairly immodest spender. For the first six months, you can earn up to $3000 of cash back rewards and after that period is over, there is a cap of $600 (after which you’ll only earn 1% cash back on everything until the month is over). While this isn’t as huge a cash back system as the American counterparts, it is one of the best for Canadian credit cards.

The other thing that makes this cash back credit card stand out among many others is the lack of annual fee which has many people hopping on board this card. However, it is important to note that while there is a six month period with only 1.99% APR, afterwards it turns to 19.99% which is pretty high considering that you’re only getting the cash back and a few insurance perks you could take advantage of. In terms of other fees, this card is pretty basic, such as the $7.50 for cash advances.

The Smart Cash MasterCard credit card is a useful card if you are more interested in cash back, spend quite a bit on a credit card and can afford to keep on top of it. If this is you, then this is a very good card as the rewards program is solid and there is no annual fee. However, if this does not describe you, then this really isn’t the best card for you as it does hold a high interest rate and you do have to store up at least $50.00 before you can take anything out, meaning that for any low credit card spenders, it could take ages to see any cash back. However, for a Canadian credit card, this one is near the top of the list for desirable credit cards. That makes it well worth considering if you live in the Great White North.

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Best Western MasterCard Canada

Posted on October 1st, 2010 | admin

Best Western MasterCard Credit Card Rewards – Canadian Credit Card Review

The Best Western MasterCard Credit Card is the credit card that is affiliated with the Best Western chain of hotels and accommodations. This credit card offers rewards that make staying overnight in a new place easier and more affordable. It is also a Canadian credit card; it is accepted anywhere where Best Western operates and this includes America and Canada. In fact, there are Canadian and there are American versions of this credit card, so make sure that when you are applying, you are applying in the correct country.

The Best Western MasterCard is geared towards people who stay in Best Western hotels a lot or at least go to many of the places where the reward points are offered and can be redeemed. Although the base rate of reward points is 1.5/$1.00 spent on any purchase (with a 20,000 points bonus on your first purchase), you can get far more points by taking advantage of promotional deals through Best Western and of course by staying in hotels through this company. The points can then be used for things like free hotel stays, dining, entertainment and shopping through affiliate merchants. The credit card boasts one of the largest rewards listings of any other card of its type and it truly does have something for everyone, once you’ve saved up enough points. Some of these rewards are geared towards Americans solely or Canadians solely, but other ones (the free night stays included) can be used across the globe!

Beyond the rewards, this card is a fairly typical one for its type. It has a 19.99% APR and no annual fee. There is little point in doing a cash advance because it will cost you at least $7.50 to do, so you’re better off just using the card and getting the reward points. If you spend a minimum of $6,000 on it in a year, you can get advanced to a more elite tier, which gives you more rewards points and more scope for promotions. It fares no better or worse in comparisons to other cards of this type, though the 1.5 points per one dollar spent for basic reward gathering is a perk in its corner.

If you travel a lot and like to use Best Western as your base of operations while you are out and about, then you should consider getting this card. You can more easily book reservations, pay for your travel needs easily and get rewards for it that can be quickly redeemed for more fun things. It is a Canadian credit card and an American one, so no matter which side of the border you’re on, you’re good to go; and it’s accepted across the world. All in all, the Best Western MasterCard should be in your wallet if you stay with this hotel branch with any degree of frequency.

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WorldPoints MasterCard Credit Card

Posted on August 30th, 2010 | admin

WorldPoints MasterCard Credit Card Review

WorldPoints MasterCard Credit Card
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The WorldPoints MasterCard credit card is a credit card from MBNA that gives reward worldpoints for every dollar you spend on purchases. Unlike many other rewards cards, this one is far more general; you get one reward worldpoint per dollar spent with very little chance at getting more than that. However, this also means that you are always collecting and you can redeem them for many different rewards. The WorldPoints MasterCard Credit Card is also a Canadian credit card.

Unlike most other reward cards which only give a percentage in rewards of what you spend (such as up to 5% cashback on purchases or so on), you get one worldpoint per one dollar spent on anything you purchase with your credit cards. There are not categories to keep track of and you won’t be harassed by constant deals and promotions; you simply use your credit card for the things you need and collect the worldpoints for the purchases. You also get 1000 bonus worldpoints on your very first purchase and 1000 worldpoints on each anniversary of your credit card. These worldpoints can then be redeemed for a variety of things such as transferable gift cards, merchandise and travel goodies such as airfare and hotel stays. The travel goodies are especially nice because unlike many other travel rewards, you can book your air travel as close as two weeks before the trip and you can get ask for first class or business class seats. There is no limit on the number of points you can gather and they carry over from year to year.

The WorldPoints MasterCard credit cards is fairly basic in terms of its fees as well. It has an APR of 19.99% and no annual fee. It has the basic fees other than that it has Balance transfer: 1% of the amount transferred or advanced (minimum fee of $7.50) ; Cash advance: (including ATM and over the counter advances) 1% of the amount advanced (minimum fee of $7.50) It is one of the most basic rewards cards on the market and this makes it easy to apply for and manage.

If you are looking for a basic Canadian credit card with a simple reward structure and basic fees, then the WorldPoints MasterCard credit card is one of the best credit cards out there for your needs. It has a simple structure and is easy to manage and get rewards from. It is also a widely accepted credit card across Canada, so you won’t have to worry about losing out just because your card isn’t acceptable. All in all, this is a good basic credit card for Canadians.

You can apply for the WorldPoints MasterCard credit card here:

WorldPoints MasterCard Credit Card
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