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The Ever-Changing Business of Credit

Posted on August 28th, 2011 | admin

The world constantly shifts between times of economic prosperity and drought, and this has an effect on all aspects of finance, from government, investment banks and lenders, to the individual consumers and their spending habits. While all of these sectors have different scope, they are intrinsically linked, and as a result, the state of a country’s economy, alongside the global economy will ultimately affect you.

This is demonstrated by money and credit, which is as dynamic as the economy that supports the lending policies that many of us rely on.  Over the last few years, the state of the country has changed the way lenders behave, and they are far pickier with offering credit. Lenders have been hit by the financial crisis as much as anyone else, and for their own safety against this, they have been opting to improve their profit margins by restricting who they give credit to.

Lenders, organisations and companies are now desperate to deleverage, to minimise the risk involved with owing debt in such an unstable time. This slows down the economy, and the reduced spending again restricts the availability of credit, in turn causing the consumer to behave in the same way. Consumers who were able to obtain credit easily before, are finding they can no longer do so, and so the importance for them is now with paying outstanding debts, and to increase savings.  Even consumers with good credit and finances are delaying large expenditures in favour of this.

Adapting to New Credit Models

With these significant changes in the market of credit cards, what are the best practises to ensure you can still gain credit, and keep your finances buoyant in the face of economic uncertainty? It all depends where you stand. Lenders are far less likely to give you a loan or credit cards if your score is not sufficient, since they cannot currently deal with the high risks involved. Unfortunately this adds to the cycle of decreased consumer spending, and may in the long term serve to make the problem worse. Because of this, if you stand well with your finances, your are encouraged to keep using your credit cards as much as you ever have.

The Best Places to Look for Credit

There are options available, which have surfaced only recently as a result of economic tension, to help those who want to use credit but are finding it difficult to obtain. Credit cards offered by major lenders such as Orchard Bank, Capital One and HSBC are offering offers for those with limited, fair or bad credit, which help you rebuild your credit report quickly, with similar offers and rewards on purchases and balance transfers.

There are many websites which help compare the best deals, so you can decide which is best for you. It is easier than you might think to improve your credit score, and after a year or so of successful credit building you are able to transfer to better credit cards so you can continue improving your financial stability.

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Top Credit Cards in Tough Times

Posted on August 28th, 2011 | admin

The global economy is such that many people are facing financial difficulties, and over the last 5 years, many people have opted for loans and other credit options which have caused more harm than good. While interest rates have fallen, making repayments easier to handle, the combination of high unemployment, a poor housing market, inflation, the rising costs for commodities like gas, and the weakening dollar have all combined to put many people under financial stress.

Getting a financial foothold means that, you need preferably a good credit history, with credit options giving you far more freedom of purchase and spending power. If you are new to the process of building capital and do not have a credit history, or if you are faced with mounting debts, then building or rebuilding a good credit is crucial for your future prosperity. There are many credit cards currently available which have this in mind.

Important Advice for Credit Builders and Rebuilders

If you are going to apply for a credit card, then there are many credit cards available which are specifically designed for those worst off, in the interests of helping people gain good credit for the future. However, you can only succeed in using these cards if you are careful.

If you are new to credit, then it is important to understand the implications of not paying your balance on time each month, and also the implications of not paying off what you spend each month in full. If you already have bad credit, then you probably already know the implications.

If you want to apply for a credit card simply to build up a good credit history, and if you already have cash flow, then it is beneficial to pay off your balance in full each month. Entry level credit cards are designed for users with no proven capital, and so the risks to the issuer are greater. As a result, APR can be as high as 30%, and so if you are not paying off your balance in full each month, this interest compounded will mean that you end up having to pay off far more than you originally spent.

In general you should approach your card at first as not necessarily a means for boosting your purchasing freedom, but as a device simply to build credit; use the card to make small routine payments like shopping each month, which can be paid off readily. Indeed, you may not be given high spending power initially, since most credit cards for bad or limited credit will only offer very small credit limits, usually $300-$500. Be sensible and timely with your payments, and don’t apply for a credit card because you are looking to make a large purchase.

This advice, along with the many excellent sites available which compare credit cards for a bad credit or no credit history, will ensure that when you apply for a credit card, you will be successful, and begin on the road of future credit prosperity.

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Best Realtor in Brockville

Posted on May 25th, 2010 | admin

Who is the Best Realtor in Brockville?

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Best Realtor in Brockville

To make it in today’s real estate market you need to get found online, most people today search for real estate agents in Brockville using search engines and when those prospective clients are searching you’re going to need to be found.

Colin McDougall and Karen Brown, co-founders of Webmark Strategies are busy dominating the Brockville Real Estate and surrounding areas and you’ve now got the opportunity to be featured as the best realtor in Brockville.

We’ll be working with ONLY one real estate agent in Brockville to get clients calling you to show properties and get new listings on the market.

There are thousand of people every month search for a real estate agent in Brockville and as I’ve already mentioned you’ll have the opportunity to form a strategic partnership with Webmark Strategies and you’ll get exclusive service for ranking high in the search engines for real estate related terms for Brockville, Prescott, Gananoque and all other surrounding areas.

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Brockville Housing

Posted on May 25th, 2010 | admin

This is your interactive opportunity to find affordable Brockville housing whether you looking for a community housing registry or a nice downtown King St.W. apartment. If you’re looking for social housing you’ll need to know that you might have to because there is a “position community housing” rule in place so you’ll need to get your name in front of the community housing coordinator as soon as possible to get rent that is geared to income.

But let’s say you are going to St. Lawerence College and just need a room for rent in the area code K6V or anywhere in the Leeds & Grenville area whether it be for a short term rental while attending St. Lawerence College or a if you are looking to settle in long term Brockville housing unit on a Pearl St. E. you’re going to get the best market rent in all areas of Brockville including midtown Central Avenue West

But if you are looking to buy or sell Brockville real estate, you’ll be excited to review the realtors featured on our “Brockville Real Estate” page because of the Crediteria housing department commitment to helping people whether buying or selling to get the best deal and make the sale that works for both the buyer and the seller.

Make sure you bookmark this page right now because it doesn’t matter what size Brockville housing you are looking for you’re going to get the most reputable and honest companies made available to you here for Brockville housing for renters, buyers and sellers.

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