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How to Prevent Identity Theft

Posted on March 9th, 2011 | admin

Before discussing the issue of how to prevent identity theft you need to read the identity theft worksheet we’ve provided for you in case you think you’re an identity theft victim because if you even remotely think there’s a chance that an identity thief has stolen your identity you need to take IMMEDIATE action right now to make sure your good name is protected.

Hopefully you don’t think you’re a victim and you are taking proactive action to find out how to prevent identity theft. The best way to make sure you never are a victim of identity theft you need to realize that identity thieves are working around the clock, even while you sleep to try to steal your identity so you really need to consider getting a monitoring services protecting you even when you’re in bed or at work.

The fact is you’ve got a busy life and it’s impossible for you to monitor for threats of identity theft 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to ensure these criminals never get access to any of your account information, whether it’s your bank account, utility bills or to check if somebody’s attempted to make a fraudulent change of address in your name to have your mail redirected.

If you think that because you have a credit monitoring service that monitors your credit bureau scores for changes, that’s simply not enough in today’s world. Today’s identity thief knows all he needs is a few seemingly minor pieces of information to steal your identity, information such as your name, your mailing address and your mother’s maiden name are quite often enough for them to start wreaking havoc on your financial well being.

What you need is a service that monitors for changes of address, your credit bureau report for fraud alerts plus a lot more ways that these criminals can steal your identity and leave you on the hook for loans and lines of credit you never applied for.

To ensure you are never one of those victims of identity theft you need to make sure you’ve got the best of the best in the industry providing alerts on all aspects of identity theft, including when you get pre-approved credit card offers in the mail. Yeah, identity thieves don’t only work online sending out phishing scams to get sensitive information from you they also send phony credit offers in the mail and even make phone calls attempting to get the information they need to steal your identity.

Because it is so easy to accidentally slip up and hand over information to these criminals, you need to protect yourself and get an identity watchdog service working for you. recommends you sign up for a LifeLock Command Center account today, read our review “Is LifeLock Worth It?” to ensure your good name is always protected.

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Best Identity Theft Protection

Posted on March 9th, 2011 | admin

When you’re looking for the best identity theft protection you need to have every aspect of your personal information protected, in order to get the protection you need today you first have to understand how identity thieves can get hold of your financially sensitive information.

Identity thieves have become very savvy about how they go about obtaining information about you to make and attempt to steal your identity. Identity thieves will use phishing scams to trick you into giving up your information. Phishing scams are basically a way that these criminals try to get information from you including sending phony emails that appear to be from your bank but they don’t stop there, they’ll try calling you on the phone to get sensitive information and they’ll even send phony credit card offers in the mail in an attempt to get information such as your name, address and social security number.

Identity thieves, once they’ve got only a few personally identifying pieces of information such as your name and mailing address, they will sometimes attempt to register a change of address to have your mail forwarded to them.

There are a lot of ways identity thieves steal your information and take over your good name so you need to make sure you sign up for an identity theft protection service that provides more than simply watching for an alert on your credit bureau report, you need to make sure you get full service identity theft protection that monitors issues such as file sharing networks to ensure you NEVER become a victim of this horrible crime. You need to make sure you’ve got your own identity guard standing as a watchdog on your behalf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week otherwise you are at risk of becoming a victim.

If you want to hire your own personal around the clock identity guard to stand watch for you the best identity theft protection service is Lifelock Command Center.

About the LifeLock – The Best Identity Theft Protection Service on the Market

Life Lock

More Info Here

When you sign-up for LifeLock you are going to be able to rest assured that you’re identity is safe because LifeLock goes far above and beyond monitoring credit bureau reports, they are you’re id watchdog for every possibility that could happen and they give you their $1 Million service guarantee. You can read more how LifeLock Works Here.

If you’ve got any questions about identity theft feel free to submit your questions below however if you think you’ve become a victim of identity theft then make sure you read the steps you must take if you think somebody has stolen your identity.

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Is LifeLock Worth It

Posted on March 8th, 2011 | admin

Before answering the question “Is LifeLock Worth It?” you need to know what can happen if your personal information gets in the hands of an identity thief.

How Does LifeLock Work?
More Info Here

If your personal information such as social security number, your name and address, credit card information, bank account information and any other sensitive information including your mother’s maiden name gets in the hands of identity thieves you could end up facing one of the most terrible experiences you could ever have to endure.

When an identity thief gets hold of your personal information it could result in you losing your job, your home could be placed in foreclosure and you could be on the hook for new credit and loans an identity thief takes out in your good name.

Victims of identity theft are left in emotional shambles, the damage an identity thief can cause emotionally has been said to be far worse than any physical crime that could be committed against you, the emotional scares are long lasting.

Getting back to the question of “Is LifeLock worth it?” the answer is yes, LifeLock is worth the minimal fee for the peace of mind you get from their identity protection service.

LifeLock actively monitors all areas identity thieves use to get hold of your financially sensitive information. Most other identity protection services only monitor your credit bureau reports but in today’s world identity thieves have become much savvier about how they go about stealing your identity so credit monitoring by itself is NOT enough, LifeLock monitors a lot more so you get alerted that something isn’t right before it ever becomes a problem.

Read the article titled “How Does LifeLock Work” to get the full story about why LifeLock is worth it because you’ll see they are very confident their service will prevent identity thieves from stealing your identity, they are so confident they offer a $1 Million service guarantee when you sign up today.

If you’ve got any questions about LifeLock or identity protection services go ahead and submit your question below and one of our identity theft experts will answer your questions.

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How Does LifeLock Work

Posted on March 8th, 2011 | admin

How Does LifeLock Work?
More Info Here

How Does LifeLock Work? LifeLock works to protect your identity from being stolen through their Command Center by monitoring, scanning, responding and tracking your credit score. LifeLock actively monitors your good name for any threats of identity theft 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you sign up for LifeLock identity theft protection you get more than just credit monitoring because that’s not enough to protect your credit rating, LifeLock also monitors public records and court records for early signs that an identity thief could be at work trying to take over your identity.

Lifelock is continually scanning for security breaches such as credit application in your name and even non-credit related applications. Identity thieves will also try registering a change of address to get access to your mail and LifeLock is on top of that plus there are known online sites that will try to illegally sell your personal information, yes, LifeLock is watching that as well.

If LifeLock detects an identity threat in your name they will contact you as soon as they’ve uncovered a possible breach of your personal information and they will help you proactively stop the problem from happening.

Lifelock also helps you take the right course of action in the event you lose your wallet to make sure your life stays on track.

Lifelock is so confident in their credit monitoring and identity theft protection service that they include a $1 Million service guarantee that if you become a victim of identity theft while using their service that they will pay up to $1 Million on laywers, identity theft experts, investigators and whatever it takes to restore your good name.

You simply can’t get a better identity theft service Sign Up Now!

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Identity Theft Phishing Scams

Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

Identity Theft Prevention – What is Phishing?

Identity theft is a crime that occurs in many different ways. In order to prevent identity theft you must know how criminals acquire your personal information.

Today I am going to educate you about an id theft scam known as phishing.

Phishing is when a criminal contacts you, usually via email and sometimes telephone, masquerading as a well known company.

Quite often you will see email enter your inbox that appears to be from a legitimate company such as ebay or a national bank. What is happening is known as spoofing. The criminal uses technology to give the appearance that their email is coming from a reputable company.

The phishing scam will ask that you enter your account details because there has been a problem. Quite often the criminal will make statements such as this is for your safety and protection that you enter the information into the form on the web page they send.

To you, everything looks legit because the criminal has taken the time to reproduce a replica of the trusted company’s site giving you the feeling that it is the “real site”

But, it’s not the real site.

Beware when you receive email from companies asking for your personal information, quite often it’s a phishing scam.

If you are not sure, contact the company immediately.

How can you tell if the company is real or not?

Look at your address navigation bar at the top of your browser to ensure that the site is the actual company’s site. The criminals will use a web address that contains the name but is not the real company.

For example a legitimate address for eBay would be, whereas a criminal trying to hijack your personal information would use a site of their own such as your ebay info

What the criminals are doing is trying to confuse you into believing that since they have used the word ebay in their file names that you will believe this is truly ebay.

Again, never respond to these types of emails or phone calls, always contact the company directly

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Prevent Identity Theft

Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

I felt compelled to get some information about identity theft posted on after watching a local news story about how identity thieves were using wireless technology to plant a bug in a point of sale terminal at a local mall to remotely steal the information including your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

After hijacking your bank account information the thieves then went and drained bank accounts. Yes, this story is painful for those who were robbed in broad daylight! I had recommended that you use a service such as LifeLock to secure your personal identity and prevent it from being ripped out from under you

But, identity theft goes far beyond the pain of being robbed in such a fashion, theft of your identity can actually ruin your life!

I decided to read more about the impacts other individuals have had due to low life scum identity thieves.

While reading through several personal stories I am absolutely appalled and frightened by the long lasting damage ID theft can cause.

Here is an overview in point form of how bad things can get when your identity is stolen

Accusations of crimes committed by you – ID thieves have your identity, when they get charged with a crime they are operating under your name

You can not get a job – Employers now check your credit history to get a feel for what kind of person you are, identity thieves will ruin your credit and thus limit your ability to get a job

Bankruptcy – You are forced to file bankruptcy because you can’t gain employment and fall behind on your bills

Homelessness – No money and no job will put you out on the street fast!

While not all of the above points will happen in every case of identity fraud, this is what can happen to anybody at anytime if the thief is motivated enough to press on with your good name!

I am very serious when I say that you need to protect yourself from these criminals! Don’t let identity theft ruin your life, get protection for you and your family now!

After the research I have done I have subscribed to LifeLock because of the stellar identity security they provide at an incredibly reasonable price. I chose LifeLock both because of the incredible service they provide and because they are not trying to gouge me on the cost of their service, I strongly urge you to get LifeLock to protect your identity as soon as possible to avoid the headaches.

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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

LifeLock really caught my attention as I was surfing the internet looking for identity protection services to review I noticed this company called Life Lock and what really got my attention about just how good this company is at protecting you from identity theft was the fact the President, Todd Davis, of the company posted his Social Security Number right there on the home page for any would-be identity thieves to take and assume his identity.

Wow! That’s either very stupid of the guy to do that or he is that confident in LifeLock’s ability to protect both businesses and consumers from identity thieves.

Now, I am sure that the company President is a smart guy and would not post his SSN on the internet unless he was confident that the credit monitoring service provided actually works.

How Do They Protect Your Identity?

Here is an overview of the process of how LifeLock serves to protect you from Identity Theft:

1. You register

2. Credit bureaus are contacted

3. You receive “Alert Letters” from the credit bureaus plus a copy of your credit report

4. Junk mail to your home is restricted

5. Credit card companies are contacted to cease sending you unsolicited pre-approved credit card offers

6. Your lock is set. You will receive a phone call anytime anybody including yourself applies for credit in your name. If you deny the application, the credit application is rejected. If you don’t answer, the application will not be approved.

7. Your account is continually monitored for optimum safety

LifeLock Takes Identity Protection to a Higher Level

LifeLock fully understands the criminal mind and has taken into account every means by which thieves steal your identity. Not only do they “lock down” your credit, they take measures to ensure those lurking around you attempting to swipe your identity from under you don’t have access to potential sources of acquiring your personal information.

Services provided that take identity theft prevention to the next level:

  • Elimination of unsolicited credit card and loan offers in the mail
  • Help you to apply for credit
  • You get a free credit bureau report
  • Prevention of identity theft of your kids
  • Free educational newsletter
  • Credit application alerts placed with the 4 major credit bureaus
  • What really impresses me with their service is the level of detail that is covered to ensure your identity is locked down so that you, the rightful owner of your identity, is the ONLY one that can make any changes to anything related to your personal finances.

    You will be contacted directly anytime a bank account, address change request, or whenever somebody tries to register any utilities, insurance or many more financially related items in your name.

    What I love most about LifeLock is the affordability. They are not trying to make huge amounts of money from you. The company truly does want to help you feel secure without gouging your pocketbook.

    You have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain using this ground breaking service.

    Don’t be a victim, take control of your life and lock it down right now with LifeLock!

    If you don’t think you need identity theft protection I suggest you read the story I wrote about that happened in my home town of how sophisticated identity theft has become and really highlights the need to protect yourself from the nightmares that are caused by unscrupulous individuals.

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    Identity Theft Prevention

    Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

    Techno-Thieves Are Lurking – Is Your Identity Protected?

    Identity theft protection has become a necessary service in today’s society. With spending made easy with debit and credit cards and new technologies a new breed of criminal has emerged and they want your ID. These criminals are identity thieves and as the name indicates they are not holding up banks and making off with cash, the theft of your identity is the commodity they are stealing. A criminal element that is much more sophisticated than the average person is at work in every store, restaurant and gas station where point of sale systems is processing your purchases.
    Protection from these identity thieves is no longer as simple as ensuring that nobody views your keystrokes when making debit card purchases. To truly protect yourself from these criminals you need to take further action to prevent identity theft.
    Thieves can easily take your identity and gain access to lines of credit or even tap into your existing accounts from a debit or credit card transaction at any store at any time.
    In fact, I just watched a story on the evening news where personal bank account information was stolen using blue tooth technology at a point of sale debit terminal.
    What the identity thieves did in this case was plant a small blue tooth (wireless transmission device) in the point of sale terminal keypad so when unsuspecting consumers entered their PIN into the keypad, the wireless transmitter recorded and instantly sent the bank account information and PIN number of the debit card and from there they created a phony bank card and began stealing money right out of consumer’s bank accounts.
    Identity thieves such as these can impact anyone. Once the technology savvy thieves have your name and bank account information they can with relative ease apply for lines of credit using your name.
    It is sad to say, but we live in a world were we have some amazing technology however that technology is being used more and more by criminal minds.
    Don’t become a victim of an identity thief! Seriously consider taking action today and get a credit monitoring service in place as part of your personal financial wellness plan.
    Right now the best service on the market to protect your identity is LifeLock.

    Identity Theft Resources

    The best resource to prevent identity theft is an identity monitoring service (read review here). Think of identity monitoring as an insurance policy on your identity, in fact the service I recommend, LifeLock, offers $1 Million liability protection for any identity fraud damages incurred if you use their service. LifeLock is THAT confident in their service!
    To educate yourself about Federal statutes regarding ID theft, read about the definition of identity theft here. I believe that in order for consumer’s to protect themselves from fraud that education is the key. So, please do yourself a favor and read about the laws pertaining to identity theft so that you have a full understanding of the potential dangers you face in day-to-day life.

    Identity Theft Worksheet

    If you any suspicion that you are a victim of identity fraud then you must immediatley follow the steps I have outlined on the identity theft worksheet. Following the steps outlined in the worksheet will eliminate a lot of the stress involved in this painful and frightening time. While identity theft rates up there with physical assault on the stress meter, it is vitally important to take a deep breath and approach tackling the problem with a clear mind. Clarity of mind is key to solving any problem in life.

    Avoid the Pain – Protect Yourself Now

    I have seen on the news and received far too many email about the horror stories caused by identity theft.
    ID theives can ruin your life and cause:

  • Loss of wages – Dealing with issues of restoring your good name
  • Divorce – Due to immense stress
  • Bad credit – ID thieves WILL damage your credit
  • Loss of job or job rejection – Items incurred on your credit report by thieves could result in job loss
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    Resources for Protection From Identity Thieves

    Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

    If you suspect that you are a victim of identity theft you need to take action immediately. Identity thieves work fast, here is what you MUST do to protect yourself from the evil-doers that hijack your personal information:

    Worksheet to Prevent Identity

    Step 1 – Identity Theft Protection – Contact the Credit Bureaus

    Contact the major credit bureaus immediately and have a fraud alert placed on your credit file

    Here are the numbers for the credit bureaus:

    Equifax 1-800-525-6285
    Experian 1-888-397-3742
    TransUnion 1-800-680-7289

    When you call the bureaus ask to speak with the people in charge of fraud
    Write down the following information and keep it in a safe place for future reference:

    1. The date and time that you contacted each of the credit bureaus
    2. The first and last name of the person you spoke with at the credit bureau
    3. Take notes of the conversation with the bureau representative

    Tip: DO NOT be shy. Ask the person at the credit bureau to slow down while you take copious notes about the conversation you are having. It’s your financial future at stake here and the person you are speaking to will be very gracious towards you. If they are not gracious, you have their full name and you should file a complaint with their supervisor.

    Again, take note of the supervisor’s full name and contact details such as email address and direct phone number.

    Step 2 – Identity Theft Protection – Contact Lenders and Creditors

    Make sure you contact all lenders to let them now that your identity has been stolen or that you suspect it has been stolen.

    Record the persons name, time of day and notes about your discussion. The same as you did when contacting the credit bureaus.

    Step 3 – Identity Theft Protection – File Police Report

    Now that you have taken care of steps 1 through 3 to “stop the leak” by deploying immediate damage control, call the police and files a report with them.
    As with everybody you speak with, record notes about your conversations.

    Step 4 – Identity Theft Protection – File Report with FTC

    File your report with the Federal Trade Commission here

    Step 5 – Identity Theft Protection – Stop Payment on Checks

    Put on stop payment on your checks by calling your financial institute as well as the following services:
    SCAN 1-800-262-7771
    TeleCheck 1-800-710-9898
    Certegy 1-800-437-5120
    Global Payments 1-800-766-2748

    Further Issues to Consider

    Text here summarizing what needs to be done…

    Fraudulent Cell Phone and Long Distance Calls

    Report to your state Public Utility Commission
    Report misuse of your phone services here:
    1-888-225-5322 OR 1-888-CALL FCC

    Misuse of SSN to Get Driver’s Licence

    Visit the State Department of Motor Vehicles at:

    Stolen Home Delivery Mail

    Contact the US Postal Service online at:

    US Postal Service

    Consult your local phone book for the United States Postal Service listing in your area. Look up online at:

    White Pages Online

    When your identity has been hijacked by low life criminals it is an incredibly stressful time but do what it takes to maintain a clear and calm mind.
    Systematically go through the process of stopping the problem and in the future you will be very knowledgeable as to what measures you need to keep in place to ensure your identity is secure.
    Because of just how savvy identity thieves have become is why I recommend having some form of identity protection in place. The identity protection company that impresses me most is LifeLock, if you don’t have a credit and identity monitoring service in place I strongly urge you to register right now for some form of monitoring protection for everyday peace of mine.

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