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Is LifeLock Worth It

Posted on March 8th, 2011 | admin

Before answering the question “Is LifeLock Worth It?” you need to know what can happen if your personal information gets in the hands of an identity thief.

How Does LifeLock Work?
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If your personal information such as social security number, your name and address, credit card information, bank account information and any other sensitive information including your mother’s maiden name gets in the hands of identity thieves you could end up facing one of the most terrible experiences you could ever have to endure.

When an identity thief gets hold of your personal information it could result in you losing your job, your home could be placed in foreclosure and you could be on the hook for new credit and loans an identity thief takes out in your good name.

Victims of identity theft are left in emotional shambles, the damage an identity thief can cause emotionally has been said to be far worse than any physical crime that could be committed against you, the emotional scares are long lasting.

Getting back to the question of “Is LifeLock worth it?” the answer is yes, LifeLock is worth the minimal fee for the peace of mind you get from their identity protection service.

LifeLock actively monitors all areas identity thieves use to get hold of your financially sensitive information. Most other identity protection services only monitor your credit bureau reports but in today’s world identity thieves have become much savvier about how they go about stealing your identity so credit monitoring by itself is NOT enough, LifeLock monitors a lot more so you get alerted that something isn’t right before it ever becomes a problem.

Read the article titled “How Does LifeLock Work” to get the full story about why LifeLock is worth it because you’ll see they are very confident their service will prevent identity thieves from stealing your identity, they are so confident they offer a $1 Million service guarantee when you sign up today.

If you’ve got any questions about LifeLock or identity protection services go ahead and submit your question below and one of our identity theft experts will answer your questions.

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