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Bad Credit Credit Cards

Posted on January 25th, 2011 | admin

Bad credit credit cards have been designed for individuals with less than perfect credit. There are bad credit credit cards available for you typically with a secured credit card, which requires you to make a security deposit. However, there are some unsecured credit cards available to you as well. Typically, the credit limit is around $500 to $1000 and the interest rates are higher than regular credit cards.

Bad credit credit cards are available for you on the Internet. If you have had some credit problems in the past and are now ready to rebuild your credit rating: the best way is with a secured credit card. It is critical for you to use your credit card responsibly though; otherwise you may run into credit problems again. A good way to think before using your credit card is to ask yourself “Do I have cash in the bank to cover the cost of this item?” If you don’t, then think twice before making your purchase.

Bad credit credit cards are a great way to start rebuilding & restoring your credit. But, as I have already mentioned you must use your credit card responsibly – Always remember that there is a bill that is going to arrive at the end of the month and if you don’t pay it, your credit problems will be starting all over again.

Best Credit Card Offers for People with Bad Credit

When you have bad credit the likelihood of getting approved for a low rate or rewards card offer is slim to none so given the fact you’ve got crappy credit you are going to need to do some credit rebuilding and get a credit card that you’ll get approved for that reports to the 3 major credit bureaus.

We recommend that you get the Public Savings Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card. You’ll have to place a security deposit with this offer however it’s worth because you’ll be able to start rebuilding your credit right away.

Public Savings Open Sky Secured Visa Credit Card

Best Bad Credit Credit Card Offer

  • Build credit history – we report to all 3 major credit bureaus
  • No credit check for approval
  • Prime plus 6.5% variable APR – Not an introductory rate
  • No checking account required
  • Apply Now!

    If you’ve got bad credit and need some tips to restore your finances please go ahead and leave a comment below and don’t worry your information is private and confidential, we are here to help you get your finances back on track!

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