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Best Canadian Credit Cards

Posted on March 7th, 2011 | admin

What Are the Best Canadian Credit Cards for 2011?

You’ve likely been receiving a lot of credit card offers in your mailbox with claims that you should apply for the credit card company offer because you can get low interest rates and credit card rewards if you complete their offer and mail it back but the fact is not every offer from Canadian credit card companies is going to actually give you any real benefit if you apply for their card.

The fact is, if you complete one of those offers from a Canadian bank and you don’t qualify for it, your application could harm your credit rating, so before you apply for any credit card offer in the mail you need to know what the best Canadian credit cards are based on your personal financial situation.

If you’ve got bad credit then you need to know not to apply for credit card offers featuring cash back rewards or other reward incentives because rewards credit cards are only for people with excellent credit and if you’ve got bad credit then applying for a rewards card offer is only going to erode your credit rating because every time you apply for credit it impacts your credit score at the credit bureau.

So let’s take a look and the best Canadian credit cards based on your credit rating, beginning with Canadians with excellent credit, then we’ll take a look at the best credit cards for people with bad credit in Canada including those people that have declared bankruptcy to help them re-build their credit rating.

Best Canadian Credit Card for People with Excellent Credit

If you’re a Canadian citizen with an excellent credit rating and want to reap the rewards of having good credit and want to take advantage of getting cash back for your responsible credit card spending and your good habits of paying your credit card bill on time then you need to apply now for the Capital One Canada offer, the

Cash Back Credit Card

Canadian Cash Back Credit Card
More Info Here

If you are a Canadian citizen with a really good credit rating and want to get rewarded on you every day purchases and don’t have a Capital One credit card in your wallet then you’re going to need to pay attention because the Cash Back Plus Platinum MasterCard® from Capital One, when you apply right now, is going to give you some really amazing rewards such as:

  • Earn cash back quickly!
  • Earn up to 2% cash back on net purchases
  • No limit to the amount of cash back you can earn
  • Redeem anytime your cash rewards balance is $15 or more
  • Choose how you’d like your cash – cheque or statement credit
  • Apply Now!

    If you’re credit is a shining star and you want to cash back rewards then Capital One has the best cash back offer for Canadians so make sure you take advantage of the privileges you get with Capital One today any apply for their offer right now before it’s gone.

    Best Canadian Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit

    If you’re like a lot of other Canadians that got bad credit and you need the convenience of having a credit card and are looking for the best instant approval credit cards then you’re going to need to pay attention to this.

    The fact is you might feel like you deserve to be approved for a Canadian credit card that offers rewards or low interest rates but the fact that you’ve got no credit or horribly bad credit means the credit card issuing banks are NOT going to approve you for credit because they’ve seen what has happened south of the border in the United States and our Canadian banking system is MUCH better than that in the US, the fact is that Canadian bankers have gotten scared, very scared about issuing credit to anybody with less then the most perfect credit rating so if you’re credit rating is kind of sucking right now, by sucking, I mean a credit score that’s anything less then absolutely perfect, you’re going to need to apply for a Canadian credit card offer that can help you build or re-build your credit rating so let’s take a look and credit cards for Canadians with somewhat less then perfect credit scores so you can apply for the best Canadian credit cards for people with bad credit.

    Best Canadian Credit Cards for People with Bad Credit

    Capital One Guaranteed Secured MasterCard®

    Capital One Canada Guaranteed Secured MasterCard
    More Info Here

  • Guaranteed Approval
  • May help you establish or re-establish your credit history
  • $0 fraud liability for unauthorized use
  • If you’ve got questions about our top picks for the best Canadian credit cards for 2011 go ahead and submit your questions below, also if you’ve got a Canadian credit card we’d love to hear your thoughts so submit your reviews about the good, the bad and the ugly, because your review and thoughts matter.

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