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Credit Card Rewards for Paying Your Bills on Time

Posted on February 26th, 2011 | admin

Did You Know You Can Earn Credit Card Rewards for Simply Paying Your Bills on Time?

I just read an article on the blog talking about credit cards that give you rewards for using your card responsibly. Due to the credit melt down that happened a few years ago credit card companies stopped lending credit to anybody for anything no matter how incredible your credit score was however that’s paralyzed the business of the credit card lending companies.

So they’ve devised a way to reward you on a lot of levels including rewards for all your purchases, they’ve also loosened their belts and are giving you rewards cards with no annual fee plus the best incentive some credit card companies are giving is rewards for just paying your bill on time.

If you’ve got excellent habits when it comes to paying bills and use credit cards responsibly then you should really consider getting a rewards card that offers incentives that you can redeem as cash, gift cards or merchandise then it’s time to take advantage of the credit card reward programs that are coming back on the market as we dig ourselves out of what’s been coined as The Great Depression.

What Credit Card With Rewards Should I Apply For?’s recommendation is the Discover Motiva offer, because of the generous rewards you get when you apply today.

Discover Motiva Card
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If you’ve got excellent credit and have a story to share with our readers please go ahead and submit your tips and tricks to have you’ve maintained excellent credit and a sound financial plan through these tough times.

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