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Credit Card Balance Transfer Savings

Posted on March 1st, 2011 | admin

Save Money with a Credit Card Balance Transfer

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When the economy took a major nose dive straight toward the South Pole, credit card companies kept issuing credit and kept driving the sinking USA credit ship right to the bottom of the ocean to rake in as much cash as they could before the ship finally settled at the bottom.

The good news is, albeit a few years later, the good ship credit card has finally settled and flipped over at the bottom, not just the bottom, but the deepest spot in could find smack dab in the middle of the ocean and while the credit card ship was sinking the government was busy making laws to make sure this ship would never sink that far or deep ever again.

Politicians got busy and put forth the CARD act, the Credit Card Accountability and Disclosure Act of 2009, so that credit card companies can no longer hide or trick you into signing up for alluring credit deals only to screw you over after a brief introductory period, now credit card offers have to be completely transparent with their offers.

While all the fireworks were going off about the CARD act, banks became afraid of trying to help you take advantage of offers to sign up for their card with incentives such as 0% introductory APR rates because the financial institutions and credit card companies weren’t quite sure how the legislation would unfold, they were concerned about offering credit cards with balance transfer deals.

The good news is the credit card companies have finally overcome their fears about what the government is doing with the CARD act and you can FINALLY take advantage of balance transfer credit card deals and even get bonus rewards…. Whew…. Finally you’re allowed to start earning more rewards on you credit cards and take advantage of low introductory interest rates to start chipping away at your personal credit card debt and get stuff for free by spending on your credit card…

What is the Best Balance Transfer Credit Card Out There Right Now?

The best balance transfer credit card on the market right now is the Discover® More® Card because this card not only gives you an incredible balance transfer deal, it also gives you the chance to put cash back in your wallet faster

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