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Delta Reserve Credit Card

Posted on October 12th, 2010 | admin

Delta Reserve Credit Card


The Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express is a credit card geared towards those who enjoy traveling and want the rewards they receive from the use of a credit card to go towards an enjoyable and more affordable trip. The Delta Reserve credit card has two levels of rewards to get; the basic miles which can be redeemed for things like airfare and the Medallion Qualification Miles which goes towards improving your level of membership so that you can get even more rewards for making your travel more enjoyable and cheaper.

The Delta Reserve Credit Card has two areas of rewards. The first one is the basic reward miles program. This program gives you one mile per dollar spent and you can get additional miles for signing up with the card and on the anniversary of becoming a Delta Reserve credit card holder. These reward miles are then redeemed mostly for travel benefits such as free airfare on any Delta flight. The other rewards feature is the Medallion Qualification Miles; when you get enough of these, you move up a reward tier and can therefore get more miles for spending money and other rewards. Moving up in the rewards is very beneficial; you can do things like get same day confirmed travel booking, the waiving of fees to save money and priority boarding. You can get Medallion Qualification Miles for joining the credit card service, on the anniversary of joining and for spending a certain amount of money each year on your credit card. There are also promotional deals at times that let you get more reward miles or more Medallion Qualification Miles. The miles and the Medallion Qualification miles are also transferable so you can collect them and give them to someone in need-perfect for the holidays. When combined, you can really enjoy traveling in style for far less money. Plus, you get access to the Skymiles Lounge in Delta airports which are a very comfortable place to wait for your flight, free concierge service and free bag checking which saves you fifty dollars.

The Delta Reserve credit card has an APR of 14.50% which is fairly reasonable for a card with this level of rewards and an annual membership fee of $450 which is high, but considering how much money you will save on traveling, it balances out. There is also a 9.99% APR on balance transfers, though this is only for the first year. You’re best off using this card if you can pay off the balance so you don’t have to worry about the interest stacking up.

The Delta Reserve credit card is best used by someone who enjoys traveling and can afford the card since the fees are a bit higher than many other cards. However, this is offset by the cool free traveling features you get, so if you do a great deal of air travel, this is the perfect card to apply for.

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