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Easiest Credit Card to Get

Posted on October 12th, 2011 | admin

To determine which credit card offer is easiest for you to get, you first have to define your situation.

1)    Are you a college student with no credit history?

2)    Are you recovering from a bankruptcy filing?

3)    Do you have bad credit?

4)    Do you have a regular job?

5)    Do you own a home?

6)    Have you ever had any type of credit before?

7)    Do you have any store charges or have you purchased a car in your name?

8)    Do you have a bank account?

Easiest Credit Card to Get

All of these questions affect, how you will be viewed by the credit card issuers and how easy it will be to get approved. If you define your situation correctly and apply for the card program designed for someone that fits these criteria you will find that getting the nod is not that difficult.

Most credit card companies such as Credit One Bank offer programs designed for customers with new credit histories and ratings. They also offer other programs designed for consumers with bad or damaged credit. Using a website such as this one, you can easily figure out which program is right for your situation. Click Here for more info.

The difference in most of the programs is the approval scores and the requirements to get the approval. This is an internal process that is not shared, the difference in the programs offered to the consumer, will be the interest rate, the fees and penalties and the credit line offered. Of course they are going to offer the highest rated customers the lowest interest and fees, as these customers have many choices; whereas a customer with damaged credit has limited choices and is a bigger risk. Remember though, this will help you re-establish your credit or increase your scores.

For those consumers with bankruptcies and very low credit card scores there are prepaid cards and secured cards offered. These are different types of programs, a secured card, allows the user to post an amount with the

credit card company, which establishes their credit limit, the card then functions like a regular card up to the credit limit and each month you can make the minimum payment or pay down the balance. Where a prepaid card requires you to send money to the credit card company and only charges that you have money on the card for are approved. What is the most significant difference, a secured card helps you develop an improved credit rating as in time, the card companies will slowly raise your limits, where the prepaid card has no limits it is tied to your cash on the card and has no effect to your credit ratings. Begin Here if you have fair credit.

Remember, a little bit of research up front will make the approval process a lot more successful, thus the card of your choice will be the easiest credit card to get.

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