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Gold MasterCard Credit Card Canada

Posted on October 5th, 2010 | admin

Gold MasterCard Credit Card for Canadians

The Gold MasterCard is a Canadian credit card from MBNA with a really low interest rate and the possibility for a high credit limit. It’s a Canadian credit card with one of the lowest interest rates on the market and it’s moderately easy to get, though you should have a good credit standing in order to be eligible. This credit card doesn’t carry much in the way of rewards, but it is a solid credit card that is acceptable in thousands of places across the world.

The Gold MasterCard is a Canadian credit card with one of the lowest interest rates around. This card has an APR of 9.99%; far less than most credit cards which range from the optimal 11.99% and 20.99%. The card also has no annual fee; another rarity in low interest cards as many companies make up for the low interest with annual fees. The low interest also means that even if you miss some payments, your interest rates will still be lower than any other credit card (though of course, it is not advisable to ever miss a payment or it will damage your credit rating!) However, this card has no introductory period with an even lower interest fee, so you may want to keep this in mind if you like to bounce credit cards in order to take advantage of introductory fees. The rest of the fees for things like cash advances are typical of any credit card at $7.50 or 1% of the cash advance total, whichever is higher. Finally, this card is accepted in hundreds of thousands of locations and can be used to withdraw cash from thousands of ATMs across the country.

This credit card is best applied for if you have good to excellent credit though; the low interest rate means that the card is meant for those who have proven themselves capable of handling a credit card properly and so you need the credit rating to back it up. The card also has a maximum limit of $100,000, should the creditor choose to give it, and this is a very high credit limit for a credit card, especially a Canadian credit card, so it is only natural that the credit card company will only want the best customers. This means that before you apply for it, you should check up on your credit and make certain that it is as high as possible so you don’t waste any time.

The Gold MasterCard credit card is one of the best low interest Canadian credit cards out there. Your main reward is the ability to save a great deal of money on interest and the lack of annual fees and other maintenance fees. For many people, this is enough of a reward to make up for the lack of points or miles.

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