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How Does LifeLock Work

Posted on March 8th, 2011 | admin

How Does LifeLock Work?
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How Does LifeLock Work? LifeLock works to protect your identity from being stolen through their Command Center by monitoring, scanning, responding and tracking your credit score. LifeLock actively monitors your good name for any threats of identity theft 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

When you sign up for LifeLock identity theft protection you get more than just credit monitoring because that’s not enough to protect your credit rating, LifeLock also monitors public records and court records for early signs that an identity thief could be at work trying to take over your identity.

Lifelock is continually scanning for security breaches such as credit application in your name and even non-credit related applications. Identity thieves will also try registering a change of address to get access to your mail and LifeLock is on top of that plus there are known online sites that will try to illegally sell your personal information, yes, LifeLock is watching that as well.

If LifeLock detects an identity threat in your name they will contact you as soon as they’ve uncovered a possible breach of your personal information and they will help you proactively stop the problem from happening.

Lifelock also helps you take the right course of action in the event you lose your wallet to make sure your life stays on track.

Lifelock is so confident in their credit monitoring and identity theft protection service that they include a $1 Million service guarantee that if you become a victim of identity theft while using their service that they will pay up to $1 Million on laywers, identity theft experts, investigators and whatever it takes to restore your good name.

You simply can’t get a better identity theft service Sign Up Now!

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