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How to Get a Good Credit Rating

Posted on March 14th, 2011 | admin
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Before you try to find out how to get a good credit rating you need to know exactly what your credit score is now. What you need to know about how credit is reported to the credit bureaus is not all lenders and creditors report to all the nationwide credit reporting companies.

So you need to first of all know there are 3 major credit reporting companies and the information they have about your credit rating may have discrepancies so you need to make sure you order a 3-in-1 credit report to see how creditors are rating your credit score.

Once you know exactly where your credit score is standing with all 3 nationwide credit reporting companies then you can start working on getting a good credit rating. It’s important that you get your 3-in-1 credit report because what you might not be ware of is the fact that your credit score is not only calculated on personal loans, car loans and credit cards, your credit score can be impacted by factors such as your payments to cell phone providers and utility bill payments. Practically every monthly bill you have to pay can impact your credit score so get started now and check your credit report for free.

Now that you’ve order your credit report you now have a clear picture about what the 3 nationwide credit reporting companies have on file about you and if you see that you’re credit score is low then and only then, you’ll have a crystal clear roadmap that shows you what the credit bureaus have on file about you so then you will then be able to create a plan and you’ll know exactly how to get a good credit rating based on your current credit score based on the reports you see from all major credit reporting companies, TransUnion, Equifax and Experian, all three nationwide credit reporting companies will give you the facts they have about your credit score so you can then create your personal plan on how to get a good credit rating based on these scores.

How to Get a Good Credit Rating Step 1

To ensure you have a good credit score the first step you need to know for success in how to build a good credit rating is knowing exactly where you’re beginning so make sure you know what credit reporting companies have on file about your credit and at least order your free credit report

How to Get a Good Credit Rating Step 2

Once you know your 3-in-1 credit score from all three nationwide credit reporting companies then if you’re credit is in the category of good credit then you are lucky because you are doing better then most Americans and if you’re score is in decent standing then you should take advantage of the best credit card company that issues credit to people with a good credit score to get your financial future back on track

Orchard Bank Visa Cards are Good Card Offers To Build Credit

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  • Reports to 3 major credit bureaus monthly providing you the opportunity to rebuild your credit score!
  • Acceptance at millions of locations worldwide, including website purchases and reservations
  • Your account information is updated and at your fingertips 24/7 so you can manage it your way
  • Email and text messages to remind you of your upcoming payment due date with online enrollment
  • On-call customer service representatives to assist you with questions or concerns
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    How to Get a Good Credit Rating Step 4

    If you truly want to get good credit and start moving your score towards having excellent credit so you can take advantage of all the perks that are given to people with excellent credit then make sure you apply for an Orchard Bank credit card and accept any offer they approve you for then simply make your everyday purchases on the card and immediately pay your bill in full when or before your credit card statement arrives.

    If you pay your bills in full each and every month before the grace period expires then you’ll be on the fast track path to building a really good credit rating…

    That’s all there is too building a good credit rating is simply paying your bills on time and applying for a credit card such as an Orchard Bank offer will help you build credit faster however you do need to remember to pay all your other bills on time as well to build a good credit rating.

    If you have a specific question about your situation and need to know how to get a good credit rating in your unique financial situation go ahead and ask your question below, don’t worry your personal information and questions are never revealed nor shared with anybody, anywhere, anytime…. So when submitting your question on our credit card blog I recommend you use an alias name and submit your real email address so you can receive a message from one of our credit building experts so we can help you achieve your financial goals.

    If you’re not sure what is a good credit score you can read the feature article we’ve provided for you here

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