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Resources for Protection From Identity Thieves

Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

If you suspect that you are a victim of identity theft you need to take action immediately. Identity thieves work fast, here is what you MUST do to protect yourself from the evil-doers that hijack your personal information:

Worksheet to Prevent Identity

Step 1 – Identity Theft Protection – Contact the Credit Bureaus

Contact the major credit bureaus immediately and have a fraud alert placed on your credit file

Here are the numbers for the credit bureaus:

Equifax 1-800-525-6285
Experian 1-888-397-3742
TransUnion 1-800-680-7289

When you call the bureaus ask to speak with the people in charge of fraud
Write down the following information and keep it in a safe place for future reference:

1. The date and time that you contacted each of the credit bureaus
2. The first and last name of the person you spoke with at the credit bureau
3. Take notes of the conversation with the bureau representative

Tip: DO NOT be shy. Ask the person at the credit bureau to slow down while you take copious notes about the conversation you are having. It’s your financial future at stake here and the person you are speaking to will be very gracious towards you. If they are not gracious, you have their full name and you should file a complaint with their supervisor.

Again, take note of the supervisor’s full name and contact details such as email address and direct phone number.

Step 2 – Identity Theft Protection – Contact Lenders and Creditors

Make sure you contact all lenders to let them now that your identity has been stolen or that you suspect it has been stolen.

Record the persons name, time of day and notes about your discussion. The same as you did when contacting the credit bureaus.

Step 3 – Identity Theft Protection – File Police Report

Now that you have taken care of steps 1 through 3 to “stop the leak” by deploying immediate damage control, call the police and files a report with them.
As with everybody you speak with, record notes about your conversations.

Step 4 – Identity Theft Protection – File Report with FTC

File your report with the Federal Trade Commission here

Step 5 – Identity Theft Protection – Stop Payment on Checks

Put on stop payment on your checks by calling your financial institute as well as the following services:
SCAN 1-800-262-7771
TeleCheck 1-800-710-9898
Certegy 1-800-437-5120
Global Payments 1-800-766-2748

Further Issues to Consider

Text here summarizing what needs to be done…

Fraudulent Cell Phone and Long Distance Calls

Report to your state Public Utility Commission
Report misuse of your phone services here:
1-888-225-5322 OR 1-888-CALL FCC

Misuse of SSN to Get Driver’s Licence

Visit the State Department of Motor Vehicles at:

Stolen Home Delivery Mail

Contact the US Postal Service online at:

US Postal Service

Consult your local phone book for the United States Postal Service listing in your area. Look up online at:

White Pages Online

When your identity has been hijacked by low life criminals it is an incredibly stressful time but do what it takes to maintain a clear and calm mind.
Systematically go through the process of stopping the problem and in the future you will be very knowledgeable as to what measures you need to keep in place to ensure your identity is secure.
Because of just how savvy identity thieves have become is why I recommend having some form of identity protection in place. The identity protection company that impresses me most is LifeLock, if you don’t have a credit and identity monitoring service in place I strongly urge you to register right now for some form of monitoring protection for everyday peace of mine.

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