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Identity Theft Prevention

Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

Techno-Thieves Are Lurking – Is Your Identity Protected?

Identity theft protection has become a necessary service in today’s society. With spending made easy with debit and credit cards and new technologies a new breed of criminal has emerged and they want your ID. These criminals are identity thieves and as the name indicates they are not holding up banks and making off with cash, the theft of your identity is the commodity they are stealing. A criminal element that is much more sophisticated than the average person is at work in every store, restaurant and gas station where point of sale systems is processing your purchases.
Protection from these identity thieves is no longer as simple as ensuring that nobody views your keystrokes when making debit card purchases. To truly protect yourself from these criminals you need to take further action to prevent identity theft.
Thieves can easily take your identity and gain access to lines of credit or even tap into your existing accounts from a debit or credit card transaction at any store at any time.
In fact, I just watched a story on the evening news where personal bank account information was stolen using blue tooth technology at a point of sale debit terminal.
What the identity thieves did in this case was plant a small blue tooth (wireless transmission device) in the point of sale terminal keypad so when unsuspecting consumers entered their PIN into the keypad, the wireless transmitter recorded and instantly sent the bank account information and PIN number of the debit card and from there they created a phony bank card and began stealing money right out of consumer’s bank accounts.
Identity thieves such as these can impact anyone. Once the technology savvy thieves have your name and bank account information they can with relative ease apply for lines of credit using your name.
It is sad to say, but we live in a world were we have some amazing technology however that technology is being used more and more by criminal minds.
Don’t become a victim of an identity thief! Seriously consider taking action today and get a credit monitoring service in place as part of your personal financial wellness plan.
Right now the best service on the market to protect your identity is LifeLock.

Identity Theft Resources

The best resource to prevent identity theft is an identity monitoring service (read review here). Think of identity monitoring as an insurance policy on your identity, in fact the service I recommend, LifeLock, offers $1 Million liability protection for any identity fraud damages incurred if you use their service. LifeLock is THAT confident in their service!
To educate yourself about Federal statutes regarding ID theft, read about the definition of identity theft here. I believe that in order for consumer’s to protect themselves from fraud that education is the key. So, please do yourself a favor and read about the laws pertaining to identity theft so that you have a full understanding of the potential dangers you face in day-to-day life.

Identity Theft Worksheet

If you any suspicion that you are a victim of identity fraud then you must immediatley follow the steps I have outlined on the identity theft worksheet. Following the steps outlined in the worksheet will eliminate a lot of the stress involved in this painful and frightening time. While identity theft rates up there with physical assault on the stress meter, it is vitally important to take a deep breath and approach tackling the problem with a clear mind. Clarity of mind is key to solving any problem in life.

Avoid the Pain – Protect Yourself Now

I have seen on the news and received far too many email about the horror stories caused by identity theft.
ID theives can ruin your life and cause:

  • Loss of wages – Dealing with issues of restoring your good name
  • Divorce – Due to immense stress
  • Bad credit – ID thieves WILL damage your credit
  • Loss of job or job rejection – Items incurred on your credit report by thieves could result in job loss
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