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Identity Theft Phishing Scams

Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

Identity Theft Prevention – What is Phishing?

Identity theft is a crime that occurs in many different ways. In order to prevent identity theft you must know how criminals acquire your personal information.

Today I am going to educate you about an id theft scam known as phishing.

Phishing is when a criminal contacts you, usually via email and sometimes telephone, masquerading as a well known company.

Quite often you will see email enter your inbox that appears to be from a legitimate company such as ebay or a national bank. What is happening is known as spoofing. The criminal uses technology to give the appearance that their email is coming from a reputable company.

The phishing scam will ask that you enter your account details because there has been a problem. Quite often the criminal will make statements such as this is for your safety and protection that you enter the information into the form on the web page they send.

To you, everything looks legit because the criminal has taken the time to reproduce a replica of the trusted company’s site giving you the feeling that it is the “real site”

But, it’s not the real site.

Beware when you receive email from companies asking for your personal information, quite often it’s a phishing scam.

If you are not sure, contact the company immediately.

How can you tell if the company is real or not?

Look at your address navigation bar at the top of your browser to ensure that the site is the actual company’s site. The criminals will use a web address that contains the name but is not the real company.

For example a legitimate address for eBay would be, whereas a criminal trying to hijack your personal information would use a site of their own such as your ebay info

What the criminals are doing is trying to confuse you into believing that since they have used the word ebay in their file names that you will believe this is truly ebay.

Again, never respond to these types of emails or phone calls, always contact the company directly

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