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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

LifeLock really caught my attention as I was surfing the internet looking for identity protection services to review I noticed this company called Life Lock and what really got my attention about just how good this company is at protecting you from identity theft was the fact the President, Todd Davis, of the company posted his Social Security Number right there on the home page for any would-be identity thieves to take and assume his identity.

Wow! That’s either very stupid of the guy to do that or he is that confident in LifeLock’s ability to protect both businesses and consumers from identity thieves.

Now, I am sure that the company President is a smart guy and would not post his SSN on the internet unless he was confident that the credit monitoring service provided actually works.

How Do They Protect Your Identity?

Here is an overview of the process of how LifeLock serves to protect you from Identity Theft:

1. You register

2. Credit bureaus are contacted

3. You receive “Alert Letters” from the credit bureaus plus a copy of your credit report

4. Junk mail to your home is restricted

5. Credit card companies are contacted to cease sending you unsolicited pre-approved credit card offers

6. Your lock is set. You will receive a phone call anytime anybody including yourself applies for credit in your name. If you deny the application, the credit application is rejected. If you don’t answer, the application will not be approved.

7. Your account is continually monitored for optimum safety

LifeLock Takes Identity Protection to a Higher Level

LifeLock fully understands the criminal mind and has taken into account every means by which thieves steal your identity. Not only do they “lock down” your credit, they take measures to ensure those lurking around you attempting to swipe your identity from under you don’t have access to potential sources of acquiring your personal information.

Services provided that take identity theft prevention to the next level:

  • Elimination of unsolicited credit card and loan offers in the mail
  • Help you to apply for credit
  • You get a free credit bureau report
  • Prevention of identity theft of your kids
  • Free educational newsletter
  • Credit application alerts placed with the 4 major credit bureaus
  • What really impresses me with their service is the level of detail that is covered to ensure your identity is locked down so that you, the rightful owner of your identity, is the ONLY one that can make any changes to anything related to your personal finances.

    You will be contacted directly anytime a bank account, address change request, or whenever somebody tries to register any utilities, insurance or many more financially related items in your name.

    What I love most about LifeLock is the affordability. They are not trying to make huge amounts of money from you. The company truly does want to help you feel secure without gouging your pocketbook.

    You have nothing to lose and peace of mind to gain using this ground breaking service.

    Don’t be a victim, take control of your life and lock it down right now with LifeLock!

    If you don’t think you need identity theft protection I suggest you read the story I wrote about that happened in my home town of how sophisticated identity theft has become and really highlights the need to protect yourself from the nightmares that are caused by unscrupulous individuals.

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