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MasterCard Debit Card

Posted on February 18th, 2011 | admin

There are a lot of really good MasterCard Debit Card options on the market today but not all of these offers are created equally because as you’ll find out when you apply for a MasterCard prepaid credit card offer there are fees that some credit card issuers try to get you to pay.

In some cases those fees are worthwhile, especially if you want to build a credit rating or want to rebuild your credit score. If you find a MasterCard debit card offer that wants you to pay an monthly fee then you need to make sure those monthly service fees you are paying for report to the credit bureau, if the fees don’t get reported to the credit bureaus you need to stay away from that offer, it’s just a bad deal for you.

If you want a prepaid MasterCard Debit Card to build or restore your credit score then the best card offer you can get today is actually not a MasterCard but a Visa Prepaid Card, one of the RushCard MasterCard debit card offers because these MasterCard’s give you not only a FREE credit builder, you don’t have to pay any activation fee which a lot of MasterCard prepaid debit card offers require to enrol in their offer.

Here are the details of what you get when you sign-up today for a prepaid RushCard Visa. Note there are two unique card designs featured below and the only difference between any of the RushCard Visa offers is the credit card design, the financial benefits are exactly the same with both card offers.

Here’s what you get with these prepaid MasterCard Debit Cards:

  • 100% Guaranteed Approval* – No Credit Check
  • Free direct deposit & $0 Activation fee
  • Only card that lets you change your fee plan whenever you want to
  • Free prescription discount card
  • Easy Bill Pay – pay bills, rent, or write personal checks
  • Card to card transfers
  • Baby Phat Prepaid Visa® RushCard
    Prepaid Credit Cards to Build Credit

    More Info Here
    Prepaid Visa® Black Diamond RushCard
    Prepaid Credit Cards to Build Credit

    More Info Here

    What’s the Best MasterCard Debit Card?

    MasterCard Prepaid Debit Card
    Apply Now!

    Here’s what you get with the Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard® debit card, the coolest thing about this offer is the cash back bonus when you use direct deposit.

    What I really like about the Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard® is there’s no activation fee when you apply online, no credit check, no transaction fees when you make purchases in the United States and best of all they give you cash back when you use direct deposit onto this MasterCard debit card.

    Here’s the bullet points of why the Green Dot® Prepaid MasterCard® outshines any other prepaid MasterCard out there today:

  • $0 Activation Online –with no credit check
  • Free ATM withdrawals at over 15,000 MoneyPass ® ATMs
  • Get a $4.95 credit on your first MoneyPak cash load (see site for restrictions)
  • Get $10 with Direct Deposit (see site for restrictions)
  • No Monthly fee for any month with at least 30 purchases
  • No Transaction fees on US purchases
  • No Overdraft or penalty fees
  • No Minimum balance required
  • Apply Now!

    Although this is an excellent prepaid debit card, I still recommend that you apply for one of the RushCard prepaid offers because those Visa cards are a MUCH better deal for you.

    If you’ve got any questions about applying for a MasterCard debit card go ahead and ask what’s on your mind by submitting a comment on this blog.

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