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Posted on October 5th, 2010 | admin

Pharmaprix MasterCard Review En Englais

Revue française venant bientôt . . .

The Pharmaprix MasterCard is the credit card tied with Shopper’s Drug Mart in Quebec and the Optimum points system that this drug store has. It is a Canadian credit card, though it can be used wherever you can use a MasterCard, though since the rewards are all tied with Pharmaprix, it’s best to use this card if you have this drug store nearby and shop there.

The Pharmaprix MasterCard lets you more than double the amount of points you get from each purchase in Pharmaprix letting you get the rewards of discounts and even free merchandise faster. When coupled with the Optimum membership card, you can get up to twenty five points for every dollar spent in the drug store. If you are just using the credit card, you can still get up to five points for every dollar spent anywhere outside of the drug store, so it’s easy to stockpile Optimum points. These points are then redeemed either for money off purchases or free things depending on how many points you want to redeem. The points are tallied up at the end of every month and added to your account so you never have to keep track of anything and there is no cap on the amount of points you can gather up or any expiration date on them.

The Pharmaprix MasterCard also has 24 hour customer service and fraud protection. It uses chip technology to secure the financial lines so you can feel safe using the card anywhere.

The Pharmaprix MasterCard is fairly basic for a department store card in most other respects. It boasts no annual fee and an introductory period of six months whereby any balance transfer APR for interest is only 1.99%. After the introductory period, the APR settles at a fixed 19.99% for purchases and balance transfers. Cash advances are the standard 1% or $7.50, whichever is more. All in all, it’s a fairly standard credit card offer from a store as opposed to a bank, so its main perk is the Optimum points you can gather using this card.

If you have a Pharmaprix or a Shopper’s Drug Mart nearby and you shop there often, then this is a good card to have in your wallet for shopping at the drug store. Otherwise, there’s not much point to it, just like any store credit card. It is very good at gathering up reward points for you but since that’s its only perk, you’ll have to consider how much shopping you realistically do and whether it would be worth having.

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