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Prepaid Credit Cards with No Fees

Posted on February 16th, 2011 | admin

It is really frustrating trying to find prepaid credit card with no fees! Let’s face it every credit card company is trying to get cash out of your pocket!

What you’re going to find when you search online for prepaid credit cards with no fees are a lot of BS false promises or at the very least, the prepaid offers you find claim to give you no fees on your prepaid Visa or MasterCard.

So let’s start digging in to find the truth about no fee prepaid credit card offers and where they make their money so you get the right prepaid credit card that’s not going to rip you off on a BS no fee offer.

First thing you need to beware of is prepaid credit card companies that try to charge an application or set-up fee, there is no reason for these companies to charge you a fee to take your money, unless you are trying to build or rebuild credit, you should NEVER pay a prepaid credit card company any “set-up” fees.

Best Prepaid Credit Card Offer with no Fees

The best prepaid credit card deal with no fees is the Green Dot Gold Prepaid Visa Card, here are the details about this offer:

Green Dot® Gold Prepaid Visa Card

No Fee Green Dot Gold Prepaid Visa Card
More Info

  • $0 Activation Online –with no credit check
  • Free ATM withdrawals at over 15,000 MoneyPass ® ATMs
  • Get a $4.95 credit on your first MoneyPak cash load (see site for restrictions)
  • No Monthly fee for any month with at least 30 purchases
  • No Transaction fees on US purchases
  • No Overdraft or penalty fees
  • No Minimum balance required
  • Get $10 with Direct Deposit (see site for restrictions)
  • Apply Now!

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