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Prevent Identity Theft

Posted on August 7th, 2010 | admin

I felt compelled to get some information about identity theft posted on after watching a local news story about how identity thieves were using wireless technology to plant a bug in a point of sale terminal at a local mall to remotely steal the information including your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

After hijacking your bank account information the thieves then went and drained bank accounts. Yes, this story is painful for those who were robbed in broad daylight! I had recommended that you use a service such as LifeLock to secure your personal identity and prevent it from being ripped out from under you

But, identity theft goes far beyond the pain of being robbed in such a fashion, theft of your identity can actually ruin your life!

I decided to read more about the impacts other individuals have had due to low life scum identity thieves.

While reading through several personal stories I am absolutely appalled and frightened by the long lasting damage ID theft can cause.

Here is an overview in point form of how bad things can get when your identity is stolen

Accusations of crimes committed by you – ID thieves have your identity, when they get charged with a crime they are operating under your name

You can not get a job – Employers now check your credit history to get a feel for what kind of person you are, identity thieves will ruin your credit and thus limit your ability to get a job

Bankruptcy – You are forced to file bankruptcy because you can’t gain employment and fall behind on your bills

Homelessness – No money and no job will put you out on the street fast!

While not all of the above points will happen in every case of identity fraud, this is what can happen to anybody at anytime if the thief is motivated enough to press on with your good name!

I am very serious when I say that you need to protect yourself from these criminals! Don’t let identity theft ruin your life, get protection for you and your family now!

After the research I have done I have subscribed to LifeLock because of the stellar identity security they provide at an incredibly reasonable price. I chose LifeLock both because of the incredible service they provide and because they are not trying to gouge me on the cost of their service, I strongly urge you to get LifeLock to protect your identity as soon as possible to avoid the headaches.

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