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Skymiles Credit Card

Posted on October 13th, 2010 | admin

Delta Skymile Credit Card from American Express Review


The Delta Skymiles credit card is from American Express and it focuses on the travel aspect of rewarding yourself through your purchases rather than on day to day purchases. Its reward system is based on the gathering of miles which you get through day to day purchases as well as though bonuses such as by spending a certain amount of money over the course of the year or simply by signing up with the card in the first place.

The Delta Skymiles credit card is for more premium credit card holders though; you have to have a good credit rating because this card has an APR that is lower than competing card offers and you get tons of rewards just for being a member, such as concierge service, travel insurance, access to the luxury lounges in Delta airports, a free check bag with flights, complimentary tickets, the ability to allow guests in the lounge with you and of course the free airfare with enough points redeemed; and these points are competitive with other rewards programs that offer travel as well. Plus you can get miles for signing on other card members and your first purchase nets you tons of free points, a quarter of these being the points you need in order to move up the card ranks in order to get even more rewards. You can also give your miles to other people; it’s a lot easier to get together for things like holidays and special events when you can ship people out freely!

The Delta Skymiles credit card uses miles and Medallion Qualification Miles. The miles are just regular miles-1 mile per 1 dollar spent (plus any promotions you run across that can give you even more miles) and they can be used for all manner of travel related things. However, the Medallion Qualification Miles are special; they allow you to improve your card status and thus get far more perks such as priority boarding, waived fees, same day confirmed flight status and many more perks the higher status you are. You can gather up the Medallion Qualification miles through special offers, recommending others and simply by signing up with the card. However, keep an eye out for promotions more than anything because they are a good way to rake up the Medallion Qualification miles easily.

The Delta Skymiles credit cards boast that it gives you more options for travel and for travel based rewards and this really does seem to be the case. You can enjoy different levels of status depending on how much you travel and do things with your card, a whole ream of travel related perks that improve the more you use your card (and gather up those Medallion Qualification Miles) and of course the free airfare for yourself or for others which for many people is the whole reason for joining in the first place. If you love to travel, then this credit card will help you to do it in style and with greater ease.


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