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Sony Card Canada

Posted on October 5th, 2010 | admin

Sony Card Canada MasterCard Credit Card Review

The Sony Card Canada MasterCard from MBNA is ideal for anyone wishing to get more free Sony merchandise by collecting points through every day purchases. This is also a Canadian credit card. The Sony Card Canada MasterCard uses a points system which can be redeemed for music, electronics, and video games, among other things, at the Sony online store. The Sony Card is easy to use and it’s easy to get the merchandise you want with your points.


    Sony Card Canada

MasterCard is geared towards those who love their electronics. Use of this card nets you reward points which are gained at the rate of one dollar spent giving you one reward point. However, there are plenty of ways to get more, including the use of your card in the online Sony store where you can earn double the reward points. There is no expiration for reward points and they can be redeemed any time you want to. You can even purchase things partially with points and partially with your credit card if you are impatient or just want to save some money. You can get a bonus 2,000 reward points right now if you join the credit card program which is an easy way to jump start your account and start getting the Sony credit card rewards and gadgets you love.

Like most credit cards of this type, it has a higher APR at 19.99% and no annual fee. The transaction fees for things like cash advances are about average at 1% or $7.50. You can pay your balance at any time without losing your reward points, though it’s always a good idea to pay off your balance in full whenever you can so that you don’t get buried in debt, especially with this relatively high APR to consider. This card is best for those with good or better credit, largely because of the rewards program. However, you should only apply for this credit card if you are actually going to shop at the online Sony store ( or it will be completely useless to you and expensive to own as well.

The Sony Card Canada MasterCard from MBNA is a good credit card for anyone who loves Sony and wants to get free merchandise and goodies from the company for using their credit card. However, if this doesn’t describe you, then you should give this card a pass because it has a higher interest rate and really only has the reward program to offset this. It’s a very specialized card, meaning that if you want to use the reward points, you’ll love this card, but if you don’t care about Sony, it will be useless. Consider your electronics use before you apply for this card and you’ll be much happier either way.

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