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Student Awards Canadian Student Credit Card

Posted on October 5th, 2010 | admin

The StudentAwards credit card is the student credit card from MBNA which gives you a basic reward system and lets you build up your credit while you are in school. This credit card is one of the few credit cards that gives a reward program for a variety of things and gives you access to scholarships and bursaries as well through All in all, it’s a great way to get through school with your finances intact and even earn some money as well.

The StudentAwards credit card gives you one Worldpoint for every two dollars you spend. These Worldpoints can be redeemed for travel benefits and merchandise; both of which are very useful to students, especially if they live far away from their families. There is no expiration date on these points and you can use them any time you have enough to redeem for something. You can also gather as many as you want. The other reward of the StudentAwards credit card is that you can get access to many scholarships and bursaries through which you would have had access to prior to owning the credit card. This allows you to be part of a smaller group of qualified applicants which increases your chances of winning cash to put towards your schooling.

The StudentAwards credit card is also fairly easy to manage. It has an AIR of 18.99% for purchases and 19.99% for cash advances. There is no annual fee and you can take out money at hundreds of thousands of ATMs across the country. You also get access to online management and tons of customer service in case something goes wrong with your card. You even get fraud protection in case your card gets stolen and abused. Finally of course, this credit card is a great way to start building up your credit rating so that when you graduate, you are ready to do bigger and better things with your money and your life.

It’s important for students to gain a credit rating while they can and the StudentAwards credit card from MBNA can help. You can get several rewards just for being a part of this credit card program and enjoy a reasonable interest rate with no annual fee. All in all, it’s a good way to make college life easier.

You can apply for the StudentAwards MBNA credit card here:

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