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Tinkerbell Personal Checks

Posted on February 28th, 2011 | admin

Tinkerbell Personal Checks
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Tinker Bell is one of the most popular Disney characters in the Disney universe, especially with the newest movie about her story on the market. This has spurred up renewed interest in the fairy from Peter Pan, both in the generation that grew up with this movie and with the generation who is coming into their own at the same time as the new imagining of Tinker Bell in the new Tinker Bell movie and the newest Peter Pan live action movie.

In response to this upswing of popularity, you can buy personal checks with Tinker Bell on them. Some of these checks on have Tinker Bell in the corner, such as the ones you can get through Bradford Exchange Checks; others have Tinker Bell in different scenes on the checks themselves such as the ones you can get through Checks Unlimited. Bradford Exchange also offers Tinker Bell check designs with cute phrases like ‘Hooray for me!’ You can also get Tinker Bell personal checks with matching checkbook covers and return address labels so that you have a matching set. No matter what style of checks you want, you can bring Tinker Bell’s magic to your finances every time you use them and this touch of whimsy will give you just the lift you need when you’re shelling out money on things you’d rather not pay for! The checks will also give the recipient a bit of a lift as well. Buying a Tinker Bell personal check is no more expensive than any other check design and they are beautifully drawn and gently colored to be vibrant without being over the top.

Tinker Bell personal checks are emblematic of the popular personal Disney fairy checks and having Tinker Bell in your checkbook should be a fun way to show your love of fairies. Believe again with Tinker Bell guarding your checking account!

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